“There are no foolish questions and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions.”

(Charles Proteus Steinmetz)

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Send Companion is not yet compatible with macOS Sierra public beta (10.12).
We focus on compatibility for the official version of macOS Sierra, which is expected to be launched by Apple in September 2016.
Do not upgrade yet to macOS 10.12 if you want to keep using Send Companion.

Send Companion is so easy it only takes a minute to set-up:


 Demo #1: How to setup your own keywords in Attachment Reminder.



Demo #2 How the review setting can save you from sending an email too soon.


How do I disable the preview function for every email?
(I only want  a reminder for forgotten attachments).

  1. Open Apple Mail
  2. Open Preferences of Apple Mail (CMD + ,)
  3. Go to Send Companion Plugin page
  4. Go to tab Settings
  5. Disable Always show a review popup when sending a message


Some keywords are not working for the attachment reminder.


There’s a rare case in Apple Mail with words that contains the apostrophe (‘) like the Dutch word foto’s.
When you type foto’s without an space or another character, then the apostrophe (‘)  looks different:

(1) Without space or character after the word

(2) With space or character after the word





The solutions is to have both versions of the word in the keywords column:

  1. Make a new email
  2. Type only the word foto’s (without spaces at the end!)
  3. Copy the word
  4. Open Apple Mail preferences
  5. Paste the word inside the Attachment Reminder keywords columnapastrophe-ar



On How Many Computers Can I Activate Send Companion?


If you want the full version of Send Companion, you need a license key for each computer. It’s not allowed to register the same license key on multiple computers.
For more information,  see section 2.5 of our terms.

What is autotext?


AutoText saves your composed email messages inside a convenient toolbar to reuse it over and over again with just 1 click.
It’s easy to use:


Creating a AutoText:

  1. Compose an email just like you always do
  2. Select the text inside the email you want to user later (at this moment pictures are not supported)
  3. Press the + button in the Toolbar
  4. Give the snippet a name and store it


Re-using a AutoText:

  1. Open the new mail window
  2. Make sure your cursor is in the body fied (where you normally write your email text)
  3. Go to the AutoText toolbar and choose your saved snippet
  4. Boom! Your email is composed in 1 click



You can use AutoText also in the Subject field, and if you really want even in the contact field. We suggest that you save your subject snippets with a name that makes it easy to distinguish it from the normal body text snippets. (We save subject snippets like this:  *Thank you for contacting us)

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