Send Companion

“We love Apple Mail, but it’s lacking some features.
That’s why we created Send Companion”

Be more productive, save time and avoid embarrassing mail moments…


Send Companion is a plugin for Apple Mail that enables the following features:


  • AutoText (7-day trial)
  • Attachment Reminder (free)
  • Review Alert (free)


Do you often write the same emails?

AutoText saves your composed email messages inside a convenient toolbar to re-use it over and over again with just 1 click.

How efficient is that?


Based on keywords you define, Attachment Reminder will remind you of a missing attachment.
This allows you to add the attachment after you pressed the send button.


Wish you ever had a second change? With Review Alert you have!

Review Alert delays your send action, allowing you to briefly review your email for the most common mistakes, like typos or sending the email from the wrong account.




Currently Send Companion is not under active development, we support our current users but don’t sell any new licenses.

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